jalan2 korea???

fully owned by a group of malaysian students in south korea

offer budget travel guide services for anyone who wants to travel around seoul *but we're also willing to help u find travel guide for jeju island too^^

why it MUST be us?

1-we can speak malay, english and of course korean well since we've been here for more than 3 years.

2-we can accomodate your necessities, which means you can plan your own travel schedule if u're not using provided packages or u have some other places to go which not included in the packages.

3-we're muslim students. it is our responsibility to help u get HALAL food and finding suitable place to perform solat *there's only one mosque in seoul and it is impossible to get there every prayer time .

4-we have the list of where u'll find good quality (souvenirs, korean silk, brooch,camera and others) at a good prices >"<

for more information, do not hesitate to contact us thru this email = jalan2korea@yahoo.com

facebook pages = Jalan2 Korea